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Proper Selection and Care of Children's Eyewear

Eyeglasses for Kids, Children’s Eye Exams, Wearing Glasses in School & Vision Correction for Kids

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When children's eyewear is needed, we help you and your child select eyewear with the right features for your lifestyle. The glasses for kids at Cohen's Fashion Optical are designed with your family in mind, and we take pride in not only finding the right pair, but also in preparing your little one for his or her new look. After children's eye exams, our staff will address issues like proper care of the new eyewear and next steps in the vision correction process. You'll leave with eyeglasses for kids and a new understanding of vision correction for kids.

Preparing for children's eyewear starts at home. First, glasses for kids are just like glasses for adults, in that they sometime take time to adjust to, and therefore require patience during the adjustment period. Before children's eye exams, let your little one know that corrective eyeglasses may be needed, and explain to him or her the process. Make eyeglasses for kids fun by showing your child your eyeglasses, if you have them, or eyeglasses on one of their favorite cartoon or movie characters; after all, little ones find it so fun to emulate their role models.

Make the children's eyewear selection process an interactive event with your child. Many parents find buying glasses for kids a bonding experience when, for example, children get to wear glasses that look just like their parent. After children's eye exams at Cohen's Fashion Optical, our stylists direct you to the selection process where factors such as style, fit, function and materials will be considered. Our eyeglasses for kids feature age-appropriate designs, such as sports eyeglasses for older toddlers, wraparound frames for younger ones, and even prescription sunglasses for children of all ages.

When considering children's eyewear for little ones who play sports, be sure to teach your child the importance of protective eyewear and smart eye health. Protective glasses for kids can prevent up to 90% of eye injuries in sports, so toddlers who are play sports should consider age-appropriate protective eyewear, such as impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses with full wraparound design. Schedule regular children's eye exams for kids, following the recommended schedule of one exam between 6 to 12 months, a comprehensive exam around age three and then one exam before the start of each school year. Whether your child needs eyeglasses for kids or not, teaching young children the importance of proper vision care will help vision development in children progress smoothly for years to come.
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